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We haven't had a winter weekend in Cwm Llwch for some years. I am pleased to report that it's still as cold as it ever has been.

We arrived with half a ton of logs and a barrel of (free) beer, determined that neither cold nor thirst would get us. Andy cooked a selection of casseroles on Friday night. Even with a blazing fire the upstairs hardly heats up at all, I swear tents are warmer than Cwm Llwch farmhouse is to sleep in, but at least you don't have to go outside for a wee. Not that I go outside my tent for a wee anyway, I'll draw a veil over my domestic arrangements, suffice it to say it's not Roger's trick of using his flask. Never accept coffee from Roger.

The recent rains had swollen the streams, so on Saturday we set out after breakfast and climbed along Nant Cwm Llwch to the waterfalls. After some considerable discussion and mutual abuse over the best route up the hillside we did what we usually do: everyone wandered off in the direction that looked best to them. We then climbed to the ridge by way of Llyn Cwm Llwch. The clouds were solidly down on the tops, so we decided to give the summits a miss and walked back to the farmhouse along Pen Milan, through sleet and snow at one point.

Gill and Sian arrived late on Saturday afternoon for the social aspect.

"I can't stand more than one night there in winter." © Mrs P

We had a  (pre-) Christmas party consisting of a beer and curry evening. Our thanks go to Duncan for supplying us with the free beer, he can buy a brewery more often if we get treats like this!

Sunday: weather horrible, went home, washed in warm water.

Thanks to Dick for some of the photos.

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