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Photos Neil Pugh

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A few photos of the February 2005 expedition to Hallsands.

We met in Dartmouth, and after a couple of pints in the Cherub, carried on to Hallsands. A short walk to the beach at Hallsands and on to Beesands was followed by an evening in the Cricket Inn at Beesands where they pushed several tables together so that we could all sit together. They also provided so much food that we were still eating the potatoes fried up for breakfast two days later.

On Saturday we walked along the coast path to East Prawle, had lunch at the Pigs Nose and then walked back across the fields to Hallsands. (13.8 km, 8.5 miles). In the evening we got a takeaway curry from Kingsbridge.

On Sunday we split up, some went to Plymouth, some to Dartmouth, and a few of us decided to walk to Torcross. Mistake! At one point we were sheltering behind a shed at Beesands and were not actually getting rained on because the wind was blowing so hard. When it started to snow when we were having a pint at Torcross we decided enough was enough and went back to watch the rugby. In the evening we went to the Church House at Stokenham, Andy must have had too much to drink while we were watching the rugby, as he very kindly paid for everybody.

A Google Earth plot of the walk is on the Google Earth page.