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Well, the weather forecast was for appalling rain and wind, so what did we decide to do but go to Bryan's caravan for the weekend.

We arrived at Solva on Friday lunchtime confidently expecting a drink in The Harbour Inn, only to find that it was closed (again) for refurbishment. We had a pint at The Ship and then walked round the headland to Gwadn, then on to St David's to buy supplies.

The weather forecast was spot on. The rain started at about 0400 on Saturday morning and carried on until 1100. We had a late breakfast and started walking as the rain was easing off. The wind made walking difficult at times, but fortunately it was blowing off the sea, so if you did stagger it was towards land.

We walked from Whitesands Bay to St Justinian's and then along the coast path to Porth Clais. Surprisingly we had a bit of sun at times. Ramsey Sound was comparatively calm, but once we came out from the lee of the island the wind picked up again and the waves were crashing in on the rocks. Several times spume from the sea was being whipped up a hundred feet of cliff and flying over our heads into the fields beyond.

At Porth Clais we considered carrying on to St Non's Bay, but the call of the Farmers Arms in St David's was too strong. After a restorative pint or two we carried on through St David's, past the Cathedral and back up the hill to the caravan.

Apart from a few folk on Whitesands beach we saw nobody else for the entire walk, this must be a record for the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. We did see the spoor of another walker on the path, so someone else must have been about.

Length of walk 15.5 km (10 miles) - Ascent 465 metres

After the rain on Friday night it was the turn of the wind on Saturday night. Seventy mile per hour gusts were forecast. Andy complained that he was kept awake by the cutlery and plates rattling in the caravan's cupboards. A good sea was running when we got down to Whitesands Bay, at times St David's Head was under water. We had a walk along the beach and then headed for home.


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