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We arrived at Cwm Llwch on Friday afternoon, and after moving the kit into the house, Andy and I climbed Corn Du, while the rest of the slackers stayed in and drank.

A couple were wild camping in a very windy corner by Llyn Cwm Llwch, not a place I'd have chosen with the weather forecast that we'd had. I wonder if they survived the night. We climbed onto the ridge from the Llyn, and walked past Tommy Jones' memorial to the summit. Then it started to rain (a feature of the weekend). We decided to give Pen y Fan a miss, and headed back to the house. It was at about this point that I discovered that my new boots were digging into my ankles. As they were the only pair I took for the weekend I am now hobbling!

On Saturday morning we headed to Ystradfellte, parked at Cwm Porth, and walked down the river Mellte to the waterfall Sgwd yr Eira. There was enough water in the rivers to make the falls dramatic. We walked around the back of Sgwd yr Eira, desperately, and unsuccessfully, trying to keep cameras dry and lenses clear. I've got some lovely soft-focus effects. After a thorough soaking we headed back to Cwm Llwch. We passed a notice saying that the path was closed on the way back up, strangely nobody had noticed it on the way down. If they're going to close paths they should put up decent sized signs.

The afternoon was wet, but during a break in the showers, we got in a bit of water-rocketry. We then built an indoors Cresta run down the stairs (don't ask, the bruises are fading), and tried a bit of indoor cricket, until the ball caught fire.

It poured overnight. Getting Kim's car through the ford was 'Interesting'. Andy, you may wish to check for dents underneath......


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