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Our February trip to Hallsands in Devon is becoming an annual event. As usual we met up in the Cherub in Dartmouth, before going shopping for essentials (that butcher is always so pleased to see us!). We stopped at the Cricket at Beesands to book a table for Saturday night and carried on to Hallsands.

We had a short stroll towards Start Point on Friday afternoon and then had dinner at the Church House at Stokenham. Marvellous steaks and general all round good guys.

On Saturday the girls took one look at the weather (thin drizzle) and decided to have a day shopping in Dartmouth. The rest of us drove to East Portlemouth, left the cars there and walked to East Prawle along the coast path. The rain stopped and it got steadily nicer throughout the morning, until we were in shirt-sleeves. Strangely it poured on the girls in Dartmouth.

We all met at that fine boozer the Pigs Nose in East Prawle at lunch time, and afterwards carried on along the coast path to Hallsands. Total length of the walk about 15 km (10 miles), ascent 850m.

Dinner (a slight disappointment) at the Cricket.

On Sunday we had a walk around Bolt Head in the rain in the morning. Lunch was taken at the Millbrook in South Pool (marvellous). Then the rain really started, so we watched the Winter Olympics until it was time to go to the Church House. Full marks to Andy, Dick and Nigel for eating two 3 course meals in a day.

The waves were crashing in on Monday morning so we had a short walk to North Hallsands to take some photos, and then home.