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Not a good weekend for cars. We turned off the motorway and there was a horrible noise from the front of the car, it sounded as if the front wheel was going to drop off, which turned out to be not too far from the truth. Fortunately I found a garage in Keswick which installed a new driveshaft and CV joint that afternoon. Rob looked at the front of his car and noticed that he was basically driving on slicks, so between us we ended up about £400 down on the afternoon.

We walked into Keswick in the evening down the old railway line from Threlkeld. Rob had a bit of a limp, which later turned out to be a broken toe. He walked miles on that foot, they breed 'em tough in Herefordshire. After fish and chips and a pint or two we walked back to the tents.

On Saturday those of us who could still walk climbed Blencathra via Sharp Edge, always one of my favourite walks.

On Sunday we drove down to Borrowdale and climbed Castle Crag, a lovely little hill.


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