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The weather men were telling everyone to stay at home and not risk the gales and rain, so we went to Pembrokeshire.

Briefly, Friday was nice, Saturday was wet, and Sunday morning was pretty good, with waves.

We went down to Whitesands Bay on Friday afternoon where a rather charming American lass, obviously impressed with the size of my equipment (it was hanging around my neck), asked me to take her photo while she posed dramatically, silhouetted against the setting sun. At one point I was holding her hat, her scarf, my camera, her iPhone, her camera and trying to take photographs with the latter two items. She kept examining the photos, and telling me exactly what effect she was looking for, I think she must have been related to Steven Spielberg. I must have fancied her or I'd have dropped all her stuff in a heap on the beach. 

I think I could have pulled. She didn't offer us a lift up the hill in her car though. 

Saturday was horribly wet. We were going to walk round to Porthclais or St Non's, but  Bryan was wearing specs and couldn't see where he was putting his feet and we didn't want him going over the cliff! We bailed out at St Justinian and went to the Farmers Arms in St Davids instead, where a small lake formed around us, and a stream then flowed gently downhill over the tiles. The staff were very good about it.

It's a good job that the wind was generally onshore because the gusts were certainly strong enough to be dangerous. The landlord of the Ship at Solva told us he'd been blown off his feet in the car park, and he wasn't a small man.

On Sunday we walked down to St David's Head and watched the waves for a bit before starting for home. Then the rain started again.

Number of other people seen on the coast path (beaches excepted) all weekend = 0. There are some sensible folk about.

Recommended: Ship Inn at Solva for excellent curries.


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